WWE SuperCard – Beginners Tricks and Cheats

cheats for wwe supercard

If you are a big fan of WWE, then you must play the game called WWE SuperCard only for entertainment purpose. Basically, the game is developed for the iOS and Android both platforms. It was released on August 14, 2014, for the iOS and Android both platforms. The game is superbly developed, and you will never find a single glitch in it. You can easily install it into your device. Fans of the WWE find many and amazing champions in the game called WWE SuperCard.

You will find a different superstar in the game and uncommon superstar. Other six common superstars are also proving valuable in the game. There are lots of features you will easily check out while playing the game. Now I am going to share some valuable wwe supercard cheats in further paragraphs.

Smart techniques to play the WWE SuperCard

If you are a beginner, you must find very easy gameplay in the starting of the game. However, after reaching the top level of the game, you will automatically start facing complications only because of the hard level. Here are some amazing tips and tricks to understand and play wwe supercard properly-

  • Players need to collect lots of cards such as WWE superstars, NXT superstars and many more.
  • You also need to get the briefcase of the money in the bank.
  • Beginners should always participate in the open challenge. Due to this, they are able to earn tickets and other big rewards.
  • There are some kings of ring tournament in which you can earn top cards so try them in order get more benefits.
  • Don’t mess with the high cards because they are really tough and you cannot compete by using your normal cards.
  • Try to concentrate on the rewards as possible as you that could be really helpful for you to earn XP as possible as you can.

Well, we have covered all the valuable facts about the game and some beginner wwe supercard hack that will prove really supportive for the gamers. If you find yourself a great player, then do get in this myth because there are lots of things which we are very complicated to understand in the starting of the game.

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Quick Matches/ Deck tiers

If we talk about the most successful way to get the new cards, then it is only possible with the quick matches. By playing quick matches, you can get lots of new cards.

Players can easily pick their desire 5×5 layout of the card and also 2 for WINS and 1 For the LOSSES. If you are looking for space where you get the deck, then it will be available at the right of the screen.

In addition to this, the quick match will begin along with the game randomly selecting the 3 rounds. It means you will play 3 different rounds and in this types of match, you can also choose between the single match, tag team or diva match.

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