What Is The Use Of Chopper And Motorcycle In Last Day On Earth Survival?

motorcicle and chopper usage in the game

The Last Day on Earth Survival is a very famous game that is possible to play on different platforms such as android or iOS.

Therefore, if you are playing the game then it would be really supportive for you to experience. If we talk about the chopper and the motorcycle then it will support you to walk or travel quickly on the map.

It will automatically unlock at the level 6 and players can easily craft its blueprint with different kinds of resources such as iron bar, pine planks and the blots.

Not only this, you can easily construct a structure for the placement such as floor. Once you complete its time to assemble parts.

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In order to build a chopper in the game these useful parts or items may be required for getting success in the game –

1.      Chopper gas tank

2.      Backpack

3.      Scrap Metal

4.      Rubber Parts

5.      Chopper Wheel

6.      Wires

7.      Ball Bearing and so on

Finally, we have covered all the parts and other items which are required in the game to build a chopper.

People can also learn about the skills of the driving the motorcycle perfectly in the game.

Therefore, get ready for the development of the skills that would be really supportive for the player to boost the experience.

How a player can get food?

It is becoming very complicated for the player to get the food so here I am going to explain the process of getting food wisely-

1.      You can cook meat

2.      Explore or collect the seeds for building the garden bed even you can grow the vegetables

3.      Players can use the berries for earning as food

4.      It is also possible to kill the enemies and get the meat

Finally, we have covered deep information regarding the collection of food so try to pay attention on it for being a master player.

Possible ways to recover health

When a player play the survival match in the game then it is common to have lower health, but the question is that how to recover the health? Therefore, you can check out the ways here-

1.      You can use the piece of cloth to craft bandages

2.      Then by eating the food you can easily recover the health

3.      By leveling up we can boost the health

4.      At the end, you must know about the airdrop that includes First-Aid so get it.

Protect the resources

It is possible to protect the resources that you have already collected by building the small house.

Make sure, the house that you newly construct will comes with the level 1 wall that are not best as you see.

However, if you start upgrading the wall, door, floors and many other things then the chances of placing the chests or boxes inside the house would be safe.

Nevertheless, if you don’t have upgrade house then the enemies can easily destroy the wall or door first so keep pay attention on it.

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