DragonVale Game Review : A Honest Review By Gamer

dragonvale review

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Backflip Studios is dominating the free-to-play online gaming market. With the introduction of the game Dragon Vale, the company has gained an unimaginable level of popularity.

In the crowded world of online games, it is difficult to come up with a game plan that will be unique and addictive at the same time. The developers of the game have done an excellent job by bringing the fantasy world right on your smartphone.

Positive Things About DragonVale Game

Of course, the game with the blazing dragons is not the first in the arena. There are many others with different features and rules. But the game with its premium quality of graphical use and the soundtrack has immediately topped the rank after contending with all the close competitors.

The game is so exciting if you love the fantasy world. You will start the game on a floating island, where there are no dragons. You have to build a world of dragons right on that island by building proper habitats, purchasing and hatching the first egg, and knowing how to use the currency and gems.

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A Good Concept

Games become popular more due to the idea of the subject. You have to breed the dragons and keep them in a sanctuary where visitors will come to see them. These dragons feed on treats. So you have to build the farms and harvest the treats.

You also have to make the habitats for the appropriate nurturing of each dragon. The game will be more appealing to those who love to keep pets.

The art of cross-breeding

What I discussed above is just the concept in a nutshell. The reviews about the game describe it as exciting, innovative, artistic, and so on.

Once you start to reach more complex levels, you will understand how you have to discover new ways of cross-breeding and experiment with the process.

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