Dragon City Game- General Guide, Tips And Tricks

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Enjoy more fun with Dragon City mobile game! Dragon City game always offers new updates to the game for providing their users much enjoy and unlimited fun.

In the game, a person needs to train their dragons and need to collect rare dragons to battle with other dragons. It provides more enjoyment when a person wins the battle and earns more gold and currencies to breed the dragons. Proper breeding and proper training make the dragon stronger to win many battles.

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Eight elementals are available in the game for more dragons. Some of them are:-

  • Terra
  • Sea
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Flame
  • Metal

If you unlock some rare dragons, it brings more chances to make you win. Rare dragons are such as- soccer dragon and cool fire and breed legendary or pure dragon.


Each elemental dragon has its habitats, pros, and cons. If we talk about initial terra dragon habitat, then it contains low gold caps, but terra dragon holds more gold earned potential.

On the other hand, if we talk about the sea dragon, then it includes much gold cap but has low gold potential.

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Different type of currencies in Dragon City

  • Gold
  • Gem
  • Food
  • EXP
  • Number of dragons

One can quickly earn the gold by putting a dragon in their habitat or by questing. Each dragon contains a certain amount of gold /min.

One needs to feed them more food to make them stronger and when need to unlock more levels. For buying the food one player can reach the farmhouse or can earn by questing.

On the other hand, a way to gain more EXP is buying a farm and sells it for more gold’s.  When one goes to unlock the level he/she get one gem as per opening a new level.

So with a proper general guide, one can easily play Dragon city mobile game and can experience much enjoy.

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